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Aluminium Alloy Castings: Single piece weight ranging from few grams to 500kgs.
Typical castings:
1. Fans used in Electrical Alternators
2. Large impellers used in Fluid Torque Couplers
3. Pattern Bolsters used in High Pressure Molding Machines
4. Large Pistons used in Compressors
5. Flanges used in H V Electrical Power Transmission
6. Stator Frames in Motors
7. Large Master Patterns used in Pattern Making
8. Match Plates of different sizes
9. Pressure Tight Housings for different applications
10. Aluminium Cast Guards and Hoods in Lathes
Copper Alloys:
1. Phosphor Bronze Gear Shifters in Lathes and Machines
2. Phosphor Bronze bearings in various industrial machineries
3. Copper-Berrylium Plunger Tips in Pressure die Casting Machnies
4. Phosphor Bronze Wearing Piece used in Railways
5. Various Brass and Bronze castings for industrial applications
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