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1. Refractory Coatings
FENKOTE series of coatings for green sand, nobake and other types of moulds and cores.

FENKOTE-40GZ is a unique combination of graphite and Zircon refractory. It is available in powder form.

  • Can be mixed with water to use in green sand, nobake, oil sand moulds and cores.
  • Can be mixed with solvents to make it self drying coating for sodium silicate sand moulds
       and cores.

FENKOTE 200 is a unique combination of oxides of metals with a suitable binder. It is available in paste form.

  • Recommended for coating to dies, ingot moulds, metallic tools and gadgets used in
       aluminium foundries to get maximum life of the dies and moulds.
2. Moulding and Core making materials
MOLDBOND series of materials used in the preparation of Moulds and cores.
MOLDBOND BENTONITE is an enriched binder used in Green sand preparation.
MOLDBOND-RD is a carbonaceous additive to green sand to improve the surface finish on castings by making the mold non-wettable to the molten metal.
MOLDBOND-SS is a binder for sodium silicate - CO2 system.
NOBAKE BINDERS - A, B & C are a unique combination of THREE parts when added to sand hardens at room temperature. The excellent collapsibility of the system is unique and imparts excellent surface finish.
3. Ferrous Metal Treatments
NUCLEANT SEEDER series of inoculants for Grey iron, SG iron and for Cupola and induction furnace melts. Various grades are tailor made for each foundry. The speciality of the material is the smallest dosage of addition to get the required properties.
SLAG REMOVER-IF is an excellent scavenging additive to the molten metal of cast iron, SG iron and steel to clean the metal from slag thereby eliminating the rejection due to slag inclusion.
4. Non Ferrous Metal Treatments
COVER FLUX is a series of fluxes used to cover the surface of the molten metal to avoid oxidation on the surface. This will greatly improve the yield of the metal and reduces the loss of metal due to oxidation. This also prevents rejection due to slag inclusions.
DEGASSER series of tablets are used to remove the dissolved gases in the copper & aluminium metal. This reduces rejection due to blowholes, pinholes etc.
GRAIN REFINER series of tablets are used to improve the grain fineness during solidification. This results in the fine grain structure in the casting which gives improved strength and percentage elongation.
5. General
There are a host of other special formulations used in specific applications like feeding agents, exothermic powders, sleeves etc., which are available on request. Shot blasting machines and spares, Steel Shots, Cast Iron, Hard facing and special welding electrodes are also available.
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